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My name is Olivia Ostrover, and I graduated from Harvard University in 2020, where I studied the history of food and nutrition. Immediately following graduation, I dove into the CPG industry as an operations associate, project manager, and customer success manager. We are in the midst of a food revolution– and I wanted to be a part of it. But to best be an agent of change, I had to understand our foodscape- past, present, and future. This is how Feducate was born. 

In the following blog, I will try to educate you, dear reader, as I educate myself on all things food and beverage. I will highlight consumer trends, emerging brands, interesting anecdotes from history, and predictions for the industry's future. I will also offer articles to help you become more food literate in the ever-increasing paradox of plenty. This is not a nutritional guide, and I will never tell you what you must eat. Feducate is merely a social commentary on what we are eating now, what we might be eating in the future, and the why behind it all. Enjoy, my fact eaters!

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